Custom LED Pack
Custom LED Pack

The Nepean Custom LED packs are a versatile and customisable solution designed to meet your unique indication needs. This LED pack is perfect for a wide range of indication applications in DCBs, Pump Starters and Substations etc. providing a quick visual tool displaying the status of any asset.

  • Custom designs upon request, sizes and LED colours to meet all requirements
  • Various options for supply voltage
  • All terminals labelled as per custom design
  • Panel mounted
  • Custom supply voltage 24V, 32V, 48V, 110V AC/ Dt
  • Ambient temperature DO NOT exceed 40°C, and the average temperature, measured over a period of 24 hours, DO NOT exceed 35°t
  • Ambient temperature should not be below -25°t
  • Should not be installed above 2000m above sea level