SCADA/PLC Programming

We encourage our engineers and programmers to understand the process and/or plant they are to control and wherever possible have an active involvement in the development of the plant functional description.

We are system integrators for a number of software systems and have good alliances with a number of PLC and control system providers. Systems we have significant experience with include:

  • Scada PC’s, Servers, HMI’s and mobile devices, including History Recording and Reporting, SMS and Email Alarming
  • Process and Automation Control, including PLC’s, PAC’s,¬†networking, motor starters including VSD/VFD’s, field sensors and instrumentation
  • Telemetry Systems, including licensed or unlicensed radio, wired and/or wireless IP, open and proprietary networks and Radio Path Surveys>
  • Process Control and Instrumentation, including certified instrument calibrations, traceable to NATA standards>
  • System documentation and training.
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