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The NEPEAN Power Metalclad Switchgear is a new product independently designed and developed after absorbing international advanced technology, which can be used for new installations or to replace old model metal-enclosed switchgear.

The switchgear applies to 3 phase power system of rated voltage 3.6-12kV AC 50/60Hz for receiving and distributing power energy, and also for circuit control, monitor and protection. It can be used with single or double busbar systems.

The enclosure is completely formed by Al-Zn coated steel plate processed by CNC machine, and then assembled, resulting in strong mechanical strength and professional appearance. The door is powder coated with anti-impact and corrosion proof ability. The protection grade of enclosure is IP4X.

The main circuit breaker can be VHY1/VS1/ZN73(D) /VZP1(Sino Germany) from HEAG or VD4 from ABB or FRHY1 type vacuum LBS or fuse combination from HEAG.

For circuit breaker, the air insulation distance is over 125mm, and the composite insulation is over 60mm.
The switchgear accords with standards of IEC62271-200 (IEC60298), IEC60694, GB3906 and DIN.VDE 0670. The protection grade of enclosure is IP4X and it will be IP2X as the cubicle door is opened.

The cubicle can collocate with VCB trolley or fixed load switch.

The enclosure and separating plates are made of aluminium-zinc plated steel sheeting and has strong resistantance to oxidation and corrosion.

The cubicle is divided into busbar compartment, VCB compartment, cable compartment and relay instrument compartment (low voltage compartment), and each independently connects ground.

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  • Australian designed
  • Arc fault withstand
  • Type tested
  • Visual earth switch
  • Motorised trolley
  • Australian wired

The NEPEAN Power Metalclad Switchgear is equipped with optional interlocks so as to prevent incorrect operations that could put the operators’ safety at risk and compromise the efficiency and reliability of the actual equipment.

These interlocks inhibit the following operations:

  • Closing of the circuit-breaker unless the connected or isolated positions are reached
  • Plugging-out of the closed circuit-breaker
  • Plugging-in of the closed circuit-breaker
  • Door opening if the circuit-breaker is plugged in or halfway between being plugged in and isolated
  • Plugging-in of the circuit-breaker when the compartment door is open

Moreover, if the unit is equipped with an earthing switch:

  • Closing of the earthing switch if the circuit-breaker is plugged in or halfway between being plugged in and isolated
  • Plugging-in of the circuit-breaker with the earthing switch closed.
  • Opening of the feeder compartment door with the earthing switch open
  • Opening of the earthing switch with the feeder compartment door open
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