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As the global energy transition gains traction and Renewable Energy Zones continue to develop, the expansive and sun-rich landscapes of Australia present an opportune setting for the proliferation of large-scale megawatt solar farms. NEPEAN Power stands ready with vital electrical infrastructure solutions to support this growing sector.

NEPEAN Power offers a comprehensive range of substation infrastructure components, including Prefabricated Modular Medium Voltage (MV) Switchrooms and Medium/High Voltage (HV) Control Buildings, Indoor MV and HV Switchgear, Power Transformers spanning from Low Voltage (LV) to MV for peripheral substations and from MV to HV for primary substations, Instrument Transformers, and Outdoor MV and HV Switchgear/Isolators.

Our suite of offerings is meticulously designed to meet the demanding requirements of solar farm deployments, ensuring optimal performance and reliability amidst the dynamic energy landscape.

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