AM3SE Medium Voltage Overload
AM3SE Medium Voltage Overload
AM3SE Medium Voltage Overload

The NEPEAN AM3SE relays have been designed with the intent to control, protect and monitor industrial installations, public distribution networks and substations. Furthermore, they can be applied to be used as part of a protection scheme for transformers and generator transformers. Additionally, they provide back-up protection for HV and EHV transmission systems.

  • Complete set of protection, related to application
  • 5 Current input, 3 Voltage input, 11DI, 5DO
  • Auxiliary power supply that adaptable to; AC220V, DC220V, DC110V, AC110V; DC48V, DC24V
  • 1 RS485 serial communication, IEC60870-5-103 and Modbus -RTU
  • 1 GPS for GPS timing
  • Exceeding 200 sequence of event records, 400 system logs and 10 seconds tripping context records
  • Powerful graphic programmable Logic – 2 Characteristic
  • Rich protection functions
    • Feeder protection
    • Transformer protection
    • Voltage protection
  • Measurements
    • RMS voltage and current values
    • Frequency
    • Power factor
    • RMs active power
  • Control Functions
    • Remote and local control
    • Programmable switchgear interlocking