415V Square Pipe Fuses
415V Square Pipe Fuses
690V Square Pipe Fuses

NEPEAN Power’s range of 415V Square Pipe Fuses offer superior protection against overload and short-circuit in electric lines (type gG) and protection of semiconductor parts and equipments against short-circuit (type aR). These fuses have a rated voltage up to 415V, a rated breaking capacity up to 120kA and a working frequency of 50Hz AC. These fuses are suitable for a variety of different industry requirements with a range to suit rated currents. Our fuses are manufactured in compliance with GB13539 and IEC269.


  • Variable cross-section fuse element made from pure copper or silver sealed in cartridge made from high-duty ceramic material
  • Fuse tube filled with chemically treated high-purity quartz sand as arc extinguishing medium
  • Dot-welding of fuse element ends to the terminals ensures reliable electric connection and forms insert knife type contacts
  • Indicator or striker may be attached to the fuse link to show cutout of fuse or to give various signals and to cut the circuit automatically