1000V Fault Limiting Fuses RS89BZ
1000V Fault Limiting Fuses RS89BZ
1000V Fault Limiting Fuses RS89BZ

The RS range of fuses from NEPEAN Power offers protection against overload and short-circuit in electric lines (type gG), also available for protection of semiconductor parts and equipment against short-circuit (type aR). Rated voltage up to 1000V and current up to 1600A. The breaking capacity of the fuses is up to 100kA. They are compliant with the IEC269-1/ IEC269-4 and GB13539.1/GS13539.4.


  • Variable cross-section fuse element made from pure silver sheets which are sealed in the melting tube made of high-density porcelain.
  • Fuse tube filled with chemically treated high-purity quartz as arc-extinguishing medium.
  • The two ends of the melting body are connected to the (knife) contactor by dot welding.
  • Both knife contactors and board contacts available.
  • Striker/indicator may be installed to the fuse link. When the fuse link breaks, signals are sent out in the case of an indicator, or the switch is pushed to cut the circuit in the case of a striker.