Vacuum Contactor VC-R500-110VAC
Vacuum Contactor VC-R500-110VAC

The VC-R500-110VAC is an enclosed type and high power 3-phase AC contactor. This contactor has 4 groups of bridge type make auxiliary contacts and 2 groups of bridge type break auxiliary contacts. The rated current of R series AC vacuum contactor’s main contact load is up to 500A, working voltage 380V-1500V, and auxiliary contact load up to AC 12A, 240V.

  • Rated Working Current: 500A
  • Rated Working Voltage: 1.14kV
  • Rated Making Capacity: 5000A/50 times
  • Rated Breaking Capacity: 4000A/50 times
  • Limited Breaking Capacity: 5000A/3 times
  • Pick-up Power: 400W transient
  • Hold Power: 45W
  • Mechanical Life: 1 x 10 times
  • Electrical Life: 3 x 10 times
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Control Power Voltage (AC/DC): 110V, 220V
  • Auxiliary Contacts: 4 x NO, 2 x NC
  • Auxiliary Contact Capacitance:
  • AC-15: Ue:AC380V Ie:0.7A​
  • DC-13: Ue:DC220V Ie:0.1A