Liquid Fan Coils
Liquid Fan Coils

Nepean liquid Fan Coils offer high performance and reliability. These heat exchangers have been developed specifically for use in harsh environments and provide cooling to water systems. The coils are ideal for cooling electronic loads such as VSD’s, rectifiers or resistive heat loads.

The Fan Coil heat exchangers are manufactured from copper to ensure maximum heat transfer and efficiency, each fan coil is fitted with an electric fan available in either 415V or 690V, electric fan motors are rated at IP55.

Fan blades are shrouded to ensure touch protection for moving parts.

The Nepean Liquid Fan Coil Series is an attractive, high performance heat exchanger that delivers efficient heat transfer and maximum reliability in a compact package.

The seamless copper tubes are expanded into the fin with an extruded full collar that ensures excellent metal-to-metal contact to optimize thermal performance.

Higher tube density results in maximum heat transfer.

  • Our thick-walled (0.028˝/0.7mm) seamless copper tubing and fluxless silver-brazed joints ensure the integrity of the fluid path.
  • Heat exchangers are pressure tested to 150 psi (10.3 bar) to guarantee reliability.
  • Units are electro-static dip painted for long life even in corrosive or harsh environments.
  • Compatible with water, Ethylene Glycol