Human Machine Interface
Human Machine Interface

Projected capacitive multi-touch and zoom HMI with nimble touch and high light transmittance, tech data’s size and shape are per user’s need. High-speed 600/800MHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU, fast communication speed, support dynamic image presenting fine complicated flash, multi pages switch smoothly. Support Modbus communication protocol.

Built-in isolated protective power terminal. PCB coating protection mainboard, adapts various strict environment. Abodon snaps, eaiser installation. High smart, high precise, high reliable panel with at least 50,000 working hours. Electric Isola- tion RS232/RS485/RS422/Ethernet communication interface. Available sizes: 7”, 15”


Capacitive Tempering Glass Protective Touch Panel

  • High hardness, anti-scratch, no drafting
  • Extraordinary thermostability, stand higher tempering difference

Anti-Disengaging Devices

  • Abodon traditional snaps, use disengaging screw
  • Easier Installation

Multi-touch and zoom

  • Capacitive multi-touch glass+glass HMI with nimble touch and high light transmittance multi-zoom gesture makes picture and tech data control freely per users needs

PCB Coating Protection

  • Enhance the strength of damp proof, dust proof, corrosion resistance in any harsh environment

Built-In Isolated Protected Plug-In Power and COM terminal

  • Easier operation and longer working life
  • Isolated power supply, protected from thunder strike and surging

IP65 Front (with NEMA panel) and IP20 Back Panel

  • High protection level, more suitable for stricter environments 30mm Min thickness
  • 7” 30mm capacitive HMI meet customers high-end needs

Innovative Package Design

  • Enhance the strength of damp proof, dust proof and corrosion resistance in any harsh environment