Gas Insulated Switchgear
Gas Insulated Switchgear

The NEPEAN Power ZF10-72.5-145 gear combines circuit breaker, three-position switch, earthing switch, current transformer, voltage transformer, surge arrester, bus bar, outgoing(incoming) bush or cable termination in the grounded metal enclosure and uses SF6 gas as the insulating medium. This model can be applied in three-phase 50/60 Hz AC electrical systems at the rated voltage of 72.5kV up to 145 kV.

In accordance with IEC 62271-203 HV gas insulated metal enclosed switchgear and Controlgear standards and tested by KEMA.

According to the different secondary control methods, it can be utilized as either intelligent GIS using digital control technology or typical GIS using conventional control and monitoring technology.

  • A highly compact design where the bay width can be as low as 0.8m and occupies minimum 2.90 m2
  • Simple and reliable self-energized arc control breaker, with strong breaking capability, short arcing time, long service time, less
    than 50 ms of total breaking time and 20 breaks at full capacity
  • Simple and compact circuit breaker high reliability, low maintenance, long mechanical life up to 10000 times
  • A modular design provides flexibility for various substation designs and future expansion. It can be assembled with multiple
    connection styles, such as single bus bar section, bridge connection, double bus bars
  • The entire three phase structure is in one tank which greatly reduces eddy current losses and enhances the exterior aesthetics
  • The enclosure is made of a corrosion resistant aluminium alloy which eliminates eddy current losses, is thermally insulated, and its light weight lessens the load requirement on the foundation.
  • The intensive gas management system realizes the online calibration function, which facilitates the inspection and maintenance
    of the density relay
  • The radio interference level < 500μV, allows the GIS to be installed in urban districts and residential areas
  • The GIS can be operated in harsh environment such as heavy pollution, frequent hail, high altitude, frequent earthquakes, hard
    to dig mountainous terrain and crowded urban districts with limited space
  • The GIS can be delivered fully assembled except the outgoing bushing and partial connection bus bars, allowing for fast and easy on-site installation
  • The GIS can be installed either indoors or outdoors