Control Cables
Control Cables

Nepean Power supplies a wide variety of control cables which are used in the construction of Electrical Switchboards in the Australian Mining Industry. The NEPEAN Power control cables consist of extra fine strand, tinned copper conductors laid up to provide a flexible design.

The control cables are applicable to monitoring loop and protecting circuits with rated voltage AC up to 600/1000V. This cable is produced in accordance with AS/NZS3808, AS/NZS 3191, RoHS to IEC6231:2008 & 2011/65/EU.

  • Conductor: Tinned copper wire
  • Insulation: V90HT
  • Voltage: 0.6/1kV
  • Standards: AS/NZS3808, AS/NZS 3191, RoHS to IEC6231:2008 & 2011/65/EU
  • Normal Operating Temperature: 105°C