145kV Circuit Breaker
145kV Circuit Breaker

The NEPEAN Power LW36-72.5 self-energy outdoor HV AC sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker is an outdoor three- phase porcelain column electrical equipment mainly used in AC 50Hz or 60Hz, 72.5kV electricity systems in extremelycold regions (for electric stations in general regions and -40°C extremely cold regions). This product can be operatedfrequently and used as a connection circuit breaker.

  • High performance -strong rated circulating ability: strong short circuit breaking ability at 31S0A, -40°C: 40kA.Long service life -electrical endurance: 31.5kAx21times (25kAx31times); mechanical life: 6000 times without maintenance and up to 10000 after simple adjustment.
  • High reliability -sharing the arc extinguishing compartment structure with LW36-126; great product internal insulation redundancy; over- all cast aluminium alloy frame adopted for the spring structure; simple structure and high reliability; suitable for frequent operations.
  • Reliable breaking performance.
  • Reliable sealing performance; Annual leakage of SFs gas 0.5%
  • Meeting the requirements of hard running environments -suitable for Class IV polluted places and -40”C~+40”C environments.
  • Multi-structure forms-usually porcelain column type and handcart type.