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The details
Client: Xstrata
location: Xstrata Ravensworth Underground Mine
Project Overview

The Ravensworth Fan Relocation project marked another successful collaboration for NEPEAN Power, involving the relocation and overhaul of an existing Fan Switchroom at Xstrata Ravensworth Underground Mine.

This project included a comprehensive overhaul of the switch room, which had originally been supplied by us in 2007. Our expert team undertook a thorough refurbishment, including servicing of the VVVF Drives, updates to the air conditioning system and enhancement to the fire system, all of which took place at our state-of-the-art workshop facility in Thornton.

What We Delivered

On time and above expectations, our team delivered a high-quality solution that exceeded our customer’s expectations. On-site staff was very impressed with the professionalism, dedication and level of commitment from the NEPEAN Power team, even as unexpected challenges arose.


  • Timely Delivery: The project was completed within the required timeframe, minimising disruptions to the mine’s operations and ensuring minimal downtime.
  • Upgraded Infrastructure: Upgrades to the VVVF drives, air conditioning and fire systems enhanced the safety and reliability of the switch room, contributing to more efficient operations.
  • Reduced Costs: By overhauling the existing switch room, the customer benefited from significant cost savings compared to producing an entirely new switch room.
  • Improved Safety: The upgrades to the air conditioning and fire systems ensured the highest standards of safety.
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